my life…

15 Mar

as of late:

And a close up of the excitement:

Yup, I read things by the WTO Secretariat now. The lesson to take away is that grad school is not a vacation. Especially when exam season is just around the corner and you have one squillion words worth of essays to write* and a dissertation to research. So forgive my lack up updates (all four of you kind readers) as there’s not too much going on here at the moment.

It’s not all reading, writing, and crying on the inside though! I went up north to a lovely wedding of a dear friend this weekend, where we ate, drank, and were merry.

*This may be a slight exaggeration.


today something strange happened

3 Feb

the sun came out. the sky was blue, not grey. and it was warm (well, like 11°C/51°F – shut up californians). i traded in my winter coat for my fall/spring coat and went to borough market. here are some photos – i would have taken more but it’s hard to manage your camera while simultaneously stuffing your face with fresh soft pretzels and hot mulled pear cider and juggling your bag of home made tortilla chips (!) and chipotle peppers (!!).

i need a personal assistant.

the other photos are from my walk across london bridge and westminster cathedral.  more to come soon.

also: warning!  lots of dead animals ahead. and not just fish, but cute fuzzy ones that you may or may not have had as a pet at some point in your life.

the occupation

5 Jan

so this is now pretty dated, but i’m lazy.  tuition fees are going up in england, by quite a bit, while university budgets are set to be slashed.  protesters occupied various rooms on our campus for several weeks.  i remember protests against the california fee hikes, but people here seem more involved.  some scenes from the occupation:




10 Nov


i went to paris last weekend for the first few days of my reading week.

Café des Deux Moulins aka the Amélie Café

i took a translator along.  he gets the photo credit for the bar above.

something i learned at the louvre: apparently the ancient egyptians drank coke.

proof that it didn’t rain the whole time.

a few more photos here.

i got a pet

2 Nov

his name is clyde.


this is clyde, watching over my new room, in my new flat.

school things

20 Oct

i go to school here.

sigh.  i wish.

i actually go to school here.  it’s slightly less exciting.

this is jeremy bentham, who was the “godfather” of my school.  this isn’t a mannequin or wax statue of jeremy bentham, it’s actually his preserved corpse, on display in the main building.  note the gloves.  weird.

the library is awesome.  and huge.  and old.  the campus was founded in 1826, which makes it, oh, a couple years older than my last school (and no weird deformed-swastika buildings this time either).

things that are hard to remember…

11 Oct

pants ≠ trousers

traffic comes at you from the right, not the left, the right.  i’ve only narrowly avoided death by bicycle, double-decker bus, and taxi.