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school things

20 Oct

i go to school here.

sigh.  i wish.

i actually go to school here.  it’s slightly less exciting.

this is jeremy bentham, who was the “godfather” of my school.  this isn’t a mannequin or wax statue of jeremy bentham, it’s actually his preserved corpse, on display in the main building.  note the gloves.  weird.

the library is awesome.  and huge.  and old.  the campus was founded in 1826, which makes it, oh, a couple years older than my last school (and no weird deformed-swastika buildings this time either).


things that are hard to remember…

11 Oct

pants ≠ trousers

traffic comes at you from the right, not the left, the right.  i’ve only narrowly avoided death by bicycle, double-decker bus, and taxi.

a confession

6 Oct

these make up an embarrassing percentage of my daily caloric least it’s not fish and chips?


3 Oct

i had visitors this weekend.

this happened a lot.  and a lot of chips were consumed.

and there was a lot of singing along to barry manilow with a bunch of 70 year old men and that night’s entertainment:  spanish alan (below), who is not, in fact, spanish, and whose guitar-playing skills are highly suspect.  but what better way to spend a rainy friday evening than surrounded by old friends and pensioners singing cheesy pop songs from the 70s and 80s?

class starts tomorrow officially, and thanks to the tube workers’ strike i’ll have a super fun time getting to campus.

found myself in a strange town…

1 Oct

i’m going to try to chronicle my life in london.  i make absolutely no promises that i will keep this up for more than a few posts, but i figured i might as well make an effort.